=== Numerical ===

220 Kocka (Hungarian)
3dprint.com (English)
8studs (Polish)

=== A ===

A-tembo (Dutch)
AA Place (Chinese, English)
Abbie Dabbles (English)
Adobe Premiere (English)
Adore Oyuncak (Turkish)
AFOLCON (English)
Afolworld (English, French, Spanish)
Afrel (Japanese)
agabag (English)
Agito.pl (Polish)
Akiyuki's Blog (Japanese)
Allegro (Polish)
Amazon (English)
Amazon (UK) (English)
Ameet (Polish)
AreGore (Japanese)

=== B ===

Blocks Magazine (English)
Brick a brac (English)
Brick Door (English)
Brick Events (English)
Brick Expo (English)
Brick Fest Live (English)
Brick Planet (Dutch)
Brick Store (Chinese)
Brick-A-Blocks (English)
Brickapalooza (English)
Brickbrowser (English)
BrickCamp (German, English)
BrickCraft (English)
Brickers (Japanese)
Bricking Around (English)
BrickinItalia (Italian)
Brickipedia (English)
Brickizimo (English, German, Dutch)
BrickJapan (Japanese)
BrickJournal (English)
BrickLink (English)
BrickMafia (French)
Brickmonsters (English)
Brickpreviews (English)
BrickPrints (Dutch)
BrickRoundup (English)
Bricks Planet (English, French, Polish)
Brickset (English)
Brickset App (English)
Brickset Forum (English)
Brickshelf (English)
Bricksinmotion (English)
Brickstand (English)
Brickstime (English, Chinese)
Bricktopia (German)
BrickTsar (English)
BrickUltra (English)
BrickUniverse (English)
Brickwatch (Dutch, English)
BrickZone (English)
BricTechnic (French)
BrikBilt (English)
Brikpublic (English)
Brixalotl (English)
Brixcity (Hungarian)
buildinst (English, Czech)

=== C ===

Castle Element (Japanese)
Chti Lug (French)
Citizen Brick (English)
city-brick (French)
Classy Bricks (English)
ClickBrick (Japanese)
Crazy MOCs (French)
Cyclopic Bricks (English)

=== D ===

Dan Parker (English)
De Bouwsteen (Dutch)
Doktor Brick (German)

=== E ===

E-Matplaneta (Polish)
eBay (PL) (Polish)
EclipseGrafx (English)
Eurobricks (English)
Expo LUG Brasil (Portuguese)
Extreme Digital (Hungarian)

=== F ===

Farmers (NZ) (English)
Festival LUG Brasil (Portuguese)
Flickr (English)
Foolish Lego (English)
funkydiva (Polish)

=== G ===

GarageBand (English)
Get Tile Kits (English)
GI Brick (English)

=== H ===

Heartlake Times (English)
HispaBrick Magazine (Spanish, English)
HispaLUG (Spanish)
Holly-Wood.it (English, German, Italian)
Humblebundle (English)

=== I ===

iBrickshop (English)
IDEO LEGO (Polish, English)
ILUGNY (English)
ItLUG (Italian)

=== J ===

J_t_kNet (Hungarian)
JeddyandDaddy (English)
J_fog_s (Hungarian)
JP-LUG Sakura (Japanese)

=== K ===

KLIKK (Hungarian)
KLIKK (FB) (Hungarian)
KLIKK blog (Hungarian)
KLIKK Forum (Hungarian)
klockolandia (Polish)
Klockomania (Polish)
Klockomaniak (Polish)
KLUG Kansai LUG (English, Japanese)
kmfl (Polish)
Kocka Palota (Hungarian)
KockaÁruház (Hungarian)
KOCKAFESZT (Hungarian)
Kockajáték (Hungarian)
KockaMánia (Hungarian)
Kockarna (Slovene)
KockaShop (Hungarian)

=== L ===

LEGO (English)
LEGO Answers (English)
Lego Club Perú (Spanish)
LEGO Education (Japanese)
LEGO Games (English)
Lego Investor (English)
LEGO Kei (Japanese)
LEGO Shop@Home (English)
LEGO StarWars (English)
LEGO StarWars Trilogy (Japanese, English)
LEGO Universe (English)
LEGO VideoGames (English)
LEGO wear (English)
LegoClubPeru (Spanish)
LegoClubPeru TV (Spanish)
LegoRobot (Polish)
Let's Brick (Japanese)
Let's Go Studio (Japanese, English)
Littlebigart (English)
LRC (Polish)
LTTC (Polish)
LUG Forums (Norwegian)
LUGPol (Polish)

=== M ===

Maly In_ynier (Polish)
merlin (Polish)
Mijn Blokje (Dutch)
Mingles 3D (English)
Minifigures.com (English)
Ministickers (Dutch, English)
Miraiya (Japanese)
Mixels Wiki (English)
Modalt Masks (English)
Morze Stud_w (Polish)
MyMinis (English)

=== N ===

Namebrick (English)
Naoe's Blog (Japanese)
Nasze Zabawki (Polish)
Neoape (English)

=== O ===

OLX (Polish)
Oz Brick Nation (English)

=== P ===

Piece of Peace (Japanese)
Plac Rozwoju (Polish)
Playcanarias (Spanish)
Playwell Store (Vietnamese)
Project Swapfig (English)
Promobricks (German, English)

=== Q ===

=== R ===

RailBricks (English)
Régió Játék (Hungarian)
Retrotoys (Hungarian)
Robo (Polish)
Robo Camp (Polish)
Robotico (Polish)
Robotowo (Polish)
RomaBrick (Italian)
Ron's LEGO Pages (Japanese)

=== S ===

Sariel (Polish)
SBrick (English)
SellBrick (Polish)
SMYK (Polish)
Solution5 (German)
Starbrick37 (Japanese)
Steindrucker (German)
Steindrucker (English)
SWMinis (English)

=== T ===

Talapaz (Japanese)
TatraLUG (Slovak)
Tech Fan (Polish)
TexLUG (English)
TheBrickLab (English)
ToyPro (English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portugese, Spanish)
toyworld (English)
Twoj Robot (Polish)

=== U ===

Unikids (Polish)
United Bricks (English)

=== V ===

Vatera (Hungarian)
The Vault (English)

=== W ===

WorldToys (Polish)

=== X ===

=== Y ===

Yodobashi (Japanese)
Young engineers (English)
YouTube (English)

=== Z ===

=== Other ===

人仔倉 (Hong Kong Chinese, English)
必買站 (Chinese)
翔智 (Chinese)

Let’s Build Together! Play Well!

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