What is BrickMap?

In early 2014, Yun Mi Antorini, the Community Strategist of Community Engagement & Events at LEGO® Systems A/S, started a volunteer project to map and better “understand the LEGO® ecosystem.”

A group consisting of Rebecca Deak, Christophe Siquet, Boštjan Svetličič and Nathan Bryan were tasked to create an outline for this project. Once the framework was built 24 other LEGO® Ambassadors were asked for their input.

From the wonderful input received, an original map of over 2,000 Businesses and Services spanning 62 Categories was created. Once duplicates were sorted out, 797 unique sites (1,169 when counting some sites spanning multiple Categories) remained. Probably, one of the most comprehensive maps of LEGO® resources ever created.

From that map, this independent site was built to allow AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO®) to suggest more sites to create an even more comprehensive map. We hope this will benefit everyone interested in finding LEGO® related information around the world.

Collaborating together with you, the fans of LEGO®, we hope to create a great resource map “By AFOLs for AFOLs.”

Is this an official LEGO® Group Site?


While we all love LEGO® bricks and the LEGO® Group, LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO® Group of companies and it does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. LEGO®, the LEGO® logo, the Brick and Knob configurations, the Minifigure and MINDSTORMS, are all registered trademarks of The LEGO® Group.

We do hope they are happy with the efforts put into creating this resource map for the LEGO® community.

Can anyone suggest a site?

Yes. Please use the Suggestions area to suggest a site, or even to suggest a site and a New Category if the site does not fit into any of the current Categories.

In making site Suggestions, please keep in mind that this resource is to be considered “Family and Friendly” so don’t suggest any sites that you would not want your children seeing.

Also please only suggest businesses and services that do not violate the LEGO® brand trademarks and rights.

Once a site has been suggested we will check to make sure that it is not a site that is already listed. We will also check the site name to make sure it is correct, and contents of the site to make sure that it is “Family and Friendly.”

What if a site name or URL changes?

On the Suggestions area please choose “Modify” instead of “New” and let us know the new information. We will verify this and then update BrickMap.

What if I want my site taken off?

On the Suggestions area please choose “Modify” instead of “New” and let us know in the “Comments” the reason for taking off the site. Once we have verified that you are the owner of the site we will delist it from BrickMap.

What if I want my site put back on?

Hey we don’t hold a grudge, and love to have as much information for Fans of LEGO®! Just use the Suggestions area and with “Modify” put in the site information.

How long does it take for new entries to appear? For changes to be made?

Please remember we are all volunteers with other jobs (and building with LEGO® in our spare time as well!), but we will try to get the information listed or changed as soon as we can. However, if after two weeks you do not see the new site listed or changes made please let us know. Your request might have gotten lost among the bricks.

I think there are multiple listings for a site?

We try to sort out all of the duplicates but sometimes we miss things. Please let us know.

Do keep in mind that on the by Category listed page sites will appear multiple times if they relate to multiple Categories. Check the by Name listed page, if it is listed multiple times here, then we have missed it.

What if I don’t like a site that is listed?

Then don’t click on the link to it.

Are the lists searchable?

While we are currently looking at making the full database searchable, one can still “search” the lists by using the “Search” function of one’s browser (like “Search” from the Edit menu on FireFox for Mac.). Since the by Name listed page has unique sites (hopefully…) use of this page is suggested.

Note: The collapsible lists generally need to be open for the browser to be able to search in them.

Is there a "Close All" for the collapsable lists on a page

To “Close All” lists that are open, just click on the menu item for that page and the page will reload with all of the lists collapsed.

What can one do to help?

The best thing is to Suggest new sites that are not listed here. This is by no means a complete list, and we hope to continue to enhance it so it will be more useful for Fans of LEGO®.

The other thing is to let us know about languages, location or themes of sites. When we first compiled the list, we did not collect this information about the sites. Since then there have been a number of requests about the languages that particular sites are in, where they are, etc. We hope to fill out the by Language listed page and in the future add "by Location" and "by Theme" pages. If you see a site that does not have this information listed for it, and you know what it is, please let us know via the Suggestions area using “Modify”.

Other ways one can help is to donate some Duplo to a preschool near you (find a preschool that you think could really use toys for its kids, rather than one that has lots of toys for its kids.) Of course another great way is to keep on building!

What about suggesting Nano Block, Mega Block, Dyna Block, Wooden Block, sites?

While we respect people’s choices to build with any type of brick/block that they like, this site is by Fans of LEGO® for Fans of LEGO®. Might we suggest you start a site for links of your choice of bricks or blocks?

What about privacy information?

When suggesting new sites it is useful if you let us know your email so we can contact you if there are any questions. (If you would like your site removed we need contact information for verification).

Personal information such as email addresses will not be shared. We will not give this information to marketing companies of any kind.

Let’s Build Together! Play Well!

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LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Brick and Knob configurations, the Minifigure and MINDSTORMS, are registered trademarks of The LEGO Group.